• Period

    28 Jun 2018 – 28 Sep 2018

  • Route

    Split – Losinj

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    20 kg

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Frankfurt is home to 2.3 million people and is thus the largest city in the German state of Hesse

Frankfurt is the largest city of Hesse – one of the federal states in Germany. It is not, however, its capital. This title belongs to another city – Wiesbaden


The city’s name comes from Emperor Charlemagne, who referred to the settlement as “Franconovud”, or “Ford of the Franks”, in 794 when he built himself a royal council there.

As Germany’s financial capital and home to one of the largest airports in Europe, Frankfurt is no stranger to international attention.

Opera House

After being almost completely burned down in 1944 by WWII bombs, the Alte Oper lay in ruin for decades. The house was not demolished, however, as it was referred to as “Deutschlands schönste Ruine” or “Germany’s most beautiful ruin”. .

good fun and get away from the city stress.

Its beloved status meant that when an initiative to restore the building began, more than 11 million marks were raised to finance the renovation, which was completed in 1980