• Period

    28 Jun 2018 – 28 Sep 2018

  • Route

    Split, Croatia – Sarajevo, Bosnia

  • Baggage

    20 kg

  • Price


t’s not just the legacy of Andersen that gives Copenhagen a child-like lightheartedness. One of the city’s must-see attractions is the Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that dates to 1800.

Andersen was a patron, and Walt Disney is said to have found inspiration for his own theme park at Tivoli.


Copenhagen is a beautiful city that can be easily enjoyed by strolling through the streets

In ages past it was a Viking port, nowadays it’s one of the safest and most peaceful cities on Earth. Modern architecture, the oldest royal tradition in the world, cultural wealth, a sustainable way of life, and a bustling food scene. There is a lot waiting for you in the Danish Capital.

Latin Bridge

You can rent a bike – this would be the most Danish way to see the city. The biking infrastructure is among the best in the world so you can feel safe knowing that bikes matter in Copenhagen!

rent a bike for the day – best way to see Copenhagen.

Biking is also faster than walking and a day bike rental is not too expensive.